TLS 100

The TLS 100 Portable Thermal Conductivity Meter is a portable instrument for the measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal resistivity in accordance with ASTM D5334 – Standard Test Method for Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Soil and Soft Rock by Thermal Needle Probe Proce-dure.

Mobile M3 Type1

  1. Light weight and small size.
  2. Saving energy.
  3. Simple operation without experience.
  4. Thin film shaped polymers, metals, ceramics,paper, liquid.
  5. High sensitivity by full digital lock-in amplifier.
  6. Rapid measuring method without pre-treatment.
  7. Varity of applications and modifications.

Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

Devised by Dow Chemical Company in the 1970’s, an explosion at a Dow UK site led to commercialisation of ARC technology. The Chemical Processing Industry has been safer from its first availability in 1980! The ARC has specific features and advantages that make it unique and preferable to all other technologies that were available at this time – and today 30 years later this technology is still the number one choice for most people focusing in the area of quantifying exothermic reactions, effect of heat upon materials and simulating runaway reactions.

THT has played the major role in ARC technology development and has continuously kept ARC technology in manufacture. THT has produced up-to-date instruments and has extended and enhanced the technology as requested, by users. THT has worked with users worldwide to understand their needs and to develop new products and applications.


Absolute Methods
TPS 0.005 - 1,800 W/mK follow ISO 22007-2
THW 0.01 - 2 W/mK follow ASTM D7986-19
Wide Temperature Range
Other thermal properties

Thermtest MP2

MP-2 Thermal Conductivity Meter measures Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, Volumetric SpecificHeat of solid

Accuracy: Minimum +/-5% for thermal conductivity.
Measurement speed 3 min read time
Storage MP-2 Stores minimum 2000 readings
Environment temperature of sensors -40 to 100 Deg C for its better life.
Display LED Minimum 2.5 inch
Compliance to standards Standards ASTM D5334-14, IEEE 442-1981
Thermal Conductivity 0.1 to 5 W/Mk
Sensors Sensors with Calibration sample and certificate
Thermal Resistivity 0.2 to 10 mK/W
Reproducibility Typically better than 2%
Minimum Sample Size 100 mm in length, 50 mm diameter
Measurement Capabilities Bulk Properties
Largest Sample Size Unlimited